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We asked people whether this pre-date transparency is a convenient dating trend or a deal-breaker - and whether we should be open with potential dates about what we are looking for before we meet them.Carl*, a 30-year-old writer, told : "Dating - especially using apps in a big city - is inherently pretty shallow.

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So I don't feel too bad about hedging my bets by saying 'I don't know what I'm looking for' at the start.

It's hard to know whether a date will be a one-time thing or turn into a relationship - some people might call the technique cowardly, but I call it convenient." “The text says he is not looking for anything serious, and he is letting you know in a not-so-blunt way,” she said.

Even those who 'know' what they want can change their minds." So, it is perfectly okay to be honest with someone about what you are looking for before the first date - but be prepared for the possibility that your feelings will change.

Milind Soman, a 52-year-old Indian actor, is facing backlash for his relationship with Ankita Konwar, an 18-year-old flight attendant.

The site has quickly become known as “the authority on all things dating,” connecting users with a variety of resources to improve their dating lives, including: The site’s daily articles are authored by popular dating and relationship experts, who delve into topics from first date ideas to marriage proposals.

Unlike other dating blogs, content on Dating is tailored to specific audiences of daters.

But if it crashes and burns, then you are free to fall back on the warning you gave at the start of a relationship.

However, the author did acknowledge that the text clearly “defines his expectations” - saving her from frantically trying to figure it out later on.

Finding a romantic partner is only one of many goals you can have at once.

In an era of dating where everyone is trying to 'DTR' - or define the relationship - is it even worse to do it too soon?

And while she agreed that “if a guy is not looking for a relationship, he should say he is not looking for anything serious,” she also admits that the admission puts a lot of “pressure” on a first date.

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