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It would be a band-aid when what is really needed is a deeper understanding of he requirements for SCD behavior and possibly for dealing with late arriving information.

In that case you need to find out what the time scope of the problem is and get users to sign off on a firm rule -- dimension updates made today can be retroactive for one week, one month, one year, etc.

We do not sell monogrammed or damaged flatware unless stated.

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I need to design a warehouse that will record sales on a daily basis.

However in my case an order may change many times before it is fulfilled.

You can find descriptions (including at least one thread in this forum) for implementation alternatives for providing both SCD 1 and 2 data for the same dimension.

If the requirement is to report only recent facts using the updated dimension data, such as 11/30/2010 facts link to dimension rows updated through 12/31/2010, but older facts link to dimension data as it was at the time of the fact, then this is another form of the "late arriving fact" problem, only with dimension data also involved.

I tried to find it using some housing websites but I faced the same problems again and again: tons of spam, fake advertisements...

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