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Date Two was charming but he was also very cocky, I had a hard time finding common ground, he boasted about his car and apartment and kind of was degrading me for my old Subaru and the fact that I live at home with my parents, I’m sorry since when is free food, paid bills, free washer and dryer and extra cash in your wallet a bad thing, according to Date Two, all of the above was bad status quo.

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Date Three had what you want from a first date, he was sweet, funny and charismatic you could be yourself and feel totally in tune with him.

Yet if I step back and analyze myself I realized that I like the idea of Date Three but not Date Three, I just wasn’t that into him sometimes you just have to follow your gut so maybe I did not get a second date with Date Three but I got a friendship and that seems pretty good to me.

You just have to be you, and go through the ups and downs that is dating but never change who you are, do not be afraid to be yourself because when the right person comes along they’re not going to want to change a single thing about you because you are amazing just the way you are.

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I suggested that we women not be afraid to be blunt and to ask the people we are attracted to out on a date, to follow our gut and not be afraid to take charge.

I took my own advice and the result I ended with three dates and one weekend.

I did not enjoy myself at all, needless to say, Date One did not score a second date.

Date 2: Coffee and Aquarium Date Two I met at a lecture class we have he was in my study group and I just asked him at a study session we had at one of our group member’s house.

So, three dates and one weekend, would I do it again probably not but I am more optimistic and open-minded than when I first started.

I realized that I should not be afraid of being a confident woman and not be afraid to take charge I need someone that can respect and treat me as an equal and give me my space.

Date 1: Movie and Dinner I met Date One at Best Buy as he was repairing my laptop, I figured to kill time why not talk to the guy it was a light conversation and in the back of my mind I thought back to my advice and decided to just ask him since he was there, I had nothing to lose.

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