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You do not need a reservation, but we recommend that you reserve a table as some afternoons are booked in advance.Click "Table Booking", or call us Copenhagen ( 45) 33153562 Aarhus ( 45) 33 153562 Oslo ( 47) 960 978 09 Please call us if you are a group of 8 persons or more.

” “Do you prefer monogamous or polyamorous relationships? ” “What is your opinion on the recent policy of requiring all commenters to register accounts?

” “What is the highest level of education you completed? ” “How many of the 750 or so Slate Star Codex posts have you read? ” “If you are an American, what party are you registered with? ” “What is your opinion on the level of identity politics discussion in the comments?

Please don’t try to take the survey; your answers will be ignored. ” “What direction do you see in the spinning dancer illusion?

” “What would you think of requiring new commenters to answer a knowledge question before being allowed to register?

Back in January I asked you to take the SSC survey. If you want to see the actual questions (some of which are long) you can read them on the survey here. ” “How do you interpret the sentence ‘I have read this book and much like it’?

Below are some summaries of answers, alongside paraphrases of the relevant questions to jog your memory. ” “Are you bothered by scratchy tags on your clothing?Tea takes time, and in our tea rooms you can relax and enjoy the very spirit of tea.If you have a special event that you would like to celebrate in our Tea Rooms please do not hesitate to contact us.But there were also people who put down incomes of 0 because they were students, unemployed, or homemakers. But 358 people (out of 3500 for whom I had good data) gave 10% or more to charity, and 25 people gave 25% or more to charity. Everything in italics was “pre-registered”, ie guessed before looking at data and describing a future data analysis plan.When these people are also taken out, the mean of the remaining 2,700 people goes back to ,000, and the median to ,000. 13 people gave more than 0,000 to charity per year. I use in place of the normal less-than and greater-than signs because I can’t be bothered to figure out how to not make them confuse the HTML.” “How do you interpret the Einstein mask illusion? ” “Does your internal thought process feel verbal or nonverbal?

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